Let It Go!

If you’re having trouble getting over it, this video is for you! LET IT GO! details what will happen if you don’t get past offenses, hurts, and failures — and that includes accepting the decisions of other people. Learn how to move one, even when it hurts.


Philippians 4:13 — I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

#1 — Everyone has to “let it go” at some time in their life.  Moving on is part of life.

#2 — It is important to know what will happen if you DON’T let it go.  If you hang on to the anger, you’ll end up a bitter and miserable person.  Unresolved anger turns into bitterness.

#3 — FOUR REASONS why most people struggle with letting go:

          1)  They made an expensive investment.

          2)  They don’t like to leave it as unfinished business.

          3)  They don’t understand the decisions of others.

          4)  They perceive letting go as a threat, like quitting.   Knowing when to quit is smart.

#4 –FIVE THINGS that will help you when you need to let go:

          1)  Acknowledge it.  Don’t get in denial.

          2)  Express it.  Find someone trustworthy to talk to.

          3)  Accept it.  It may be permanent.  Allow yourself to feel the pain.

          4)  Forgive the one that hurt you.  Pray for them.

          5)  Focus on the present.  

#5 — You have the faith to do what it takes.  You have the faith to move on with your life.

#7 — Rest in God’s love when you feel overwhelmed.  Someday you’ll look back on this situation and view it in another light. 


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                     June 6, 2019                                                      #girlchurch

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