Rejection? No thanks!

Life may seem like one big lesson in rejection — but in this week’s video Debbie explains why a FEAR OF REJECTION is a recipe for misery. Love yourself, know your worth, and refuse to let rejection define you. You’re not who THEY say you are — you are who GOD says you are!


#1 — Everyone experiences rejection. 

     How we handle rejection is very important.  

     The problem with rejection is that it seeks to re-define us.

#2 — The FEAR OF REJECTION is when people become afraid of rejection and live their lives in order to avoid it.  

#3 — People who are afraid of rejection are:

     1.  They are TIMID.  They don’t want to speak up.  They’re scared to say what they think.

     2.  They put up with things that they would never normally put up with.  They’ll do things,      they’ll be active in lifestyles and activities that they don’t even like in order to win the approval of others.

     3.  They keep their personal feelings from others…and also from themselves.  They keep their personal feelings buried.  That’s called DENIAL.

Romans 8:31 — What, then, shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?

#4 — Refuse to let rejection re-define you.  

     Rejection is not part of God’s plan.  God will never reject you.  

     God loves you just as you are.  

     You are who God says you are.

#5 — Love yourself.

     If you don’t know how to do this, try to love yourself like you would love your own child.  Because that’s the way God loves you.

     Get a mentor or spiritual advisor to help you learn how to love yourself.  

#6 — Learn from rejection.

     Look back at past situations where you feel like you didn’t handle it right, and try to think about how you could do it differently next time. 

#7 — Remember: God loves you JUST LIKE YOU ARE.  

     God doesn’t want you to be anybody other than who you are. 

     He created you to be YOU.


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                     October 7, 2019                                                      #girlchurch

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