Rejection? No Thanks!

Personal Worksheet

  1. Write out out Romans 8:31:


      2.  When have you experienced rejection in your life?  What happened?


      3.  Have you done things you didn’t feel good about, in order to fit in?


     4. Write this sentence below:  God created me to be WHO I AM.


     5.  Do you think that you fear rejection?  YES/NO  — Explain.


     6.  In your life, have you allowed rejection to re-define you?  If so, what happened?


     7.  How could you have responded differently to rejection in the past?  (Reference your answer to Question #6.)


     8.  List  3 things you can do to love yourself better:


     9.  The only person I can be is _______________.


     10.  Write the following statement:  GOD LOVES ME, AND I AM FIRST ON HIS MIND TODAY.