#1.  Have you had to “let it go” at times in your life?  Are you struggling with that right now?  If so, describe your situation:

#2.  What could happen if you don’t get past the pain and disappointment, if you don’t forgive the one who hurt you?  In short, what will happen if you don’t LET IT GO?

#3.  How do you see yourself in twenty years or distant future?  Can you see how LETTING IT GO could affect who you become?

#4.  Of all the reasons why you might struggle with letting go, circle the one below which most describes your reasoning:

          1.  I made an expensive investment.

          2.  I don’t like leaving things unfinished.

          3.  I don’t understand why other people do what they do.

          4.  I see letting go as a threat.  I’m not a quitter.

          5.  Other: _____________________________________________________________

#5.  Going forward, can you ACKNOWLEDGE what happened?  Explain how you will do that:

#6.  Can you EXPRESS your frustrations, disappointments and fears to someone?  Make sure they are a Christian with some spiritual maturity , trustworthy, can keep a secret, and won’t try to “fix it.”  You just need a listener.  Who will you talk to ?  ________________________________

#7.  Can you ACCEPT what happened?  If it is permanent, can you accept that?  Explain why:

#8.  “You can’t heal what you can’t feel.”  Why does this nugget of truth matter in your life right now, and how can you apply it to your situation?

#9.  Can you FORGIVE the person that hurt you?  Can you pray for them?  Jot down three things you can pray over this person:

          1. ____________________________________________________

          2. ____________________________________________________

          3. ____________________________________________________

10.  How can you FOCUS ON THE PRESENT?  

11.  Write out PHILIPPIANS 4:13:

          What does this scripture tell you right now, in this situation?

12.  Do you believe you have the faith to move on with your life?  — even if you don’t feel it?  Explain:

                                                             REMEMBER:  YOU ARE FIRST ON GOD’S MIND TODAY!