Double For Your Trouble

If you’ve experienced INJUSTICE in your life, you can ask God to settle your case.  But there’s a catch — you have to do things GOD’S WAY!  Today Debbie shares how to keep the right attitude so God can bless you twice over for all the unfair things that have happened to you.


*  Life is apt to bring many injustices.  But God says in His Word that if we will TRUST HIM and give all our injustices, that He will pay us back TWICE OVER for all the wrongs that have been done against us, and all the UNFAIR THINGS in our life that’s happened.

Isaiah 61:7:  — Instead of shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance.  And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Instead of shame you will receive a double portion — that’s TWICE AS MUCH.  

And instead of disgrace, you will rejoice in your inheritance.  INHERITANCE is what you would’ve had anyway, to start with.  What you you would have had before any of this stuff ever happened.  

And so you will inherit a double portion — TWICE AS MUCH — in your land, in your life.  

And everlasting joy will be yours.  That means that you can be happy again!  It means that when God brings justice into my life, I’ll be satisfied.


     1.  KEEP EXTENDING FORGIVENESS.  Sometimes you have to forgive people   over and over again.  Pray and say it out loud, “Father, I forgive this person for everything they ever did to me”.

     2.  KEEP RESPONDING IN LOVE.  You can love people you don’t even like!  Love is a choice.  Love them with the love of Jesus.

     3.  KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE SITUATION.  Don’t be trying to get revenge.

     4.  PRAY.  You can pray on two fronts:  One, pray for the other person.  Pray Ephesians 3:17-18.  Pray that they’ll get their life right with God.  Really and truly, you should not want bad things to happen to this person.  You should be wanting them to get their life right with God.  Secondly, pray for yourself.  That God will strengthen you, that you will be able to forgive, that you’ll be able to love people the way that Jesus loves them.  That you’ll be able to let go of all the pain and all the bad stuff that’s ever happened.  And that God will bring justice into your life.

*This could actually be a TEST!  Chances are, what you’re going through and how you handle it is a test of your faith, or a test of obedience.  God is watching you.  He’s watching you to see how you’re gonna handle this. 

*Faith is for the hard times.  It’s easy to be a faith girl and a Christian when times are good.  But when it’s TOUGH — when the going gets tough, that’s when it matters.  That’s when your faith is tried.  So make it matter!  

*Remember:  You are first on God’s mind today!


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