Totally Trustworthy

God is FAITHFUL — even when we are not! He will never leave you, even when you take the wayward path. If you need to call out to God today, be confident that you have His ear. The love and mercy of God, like HIs faithfulness, is eternal and constant. He never fails!


* God is FAITHFUL.   Faithfulness mean to be TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY.

*  God has promised to REMAIN FAITHFUL.  

2 Timothy 2:13 — If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.

          Note:  This verse says: that God if faithful even when we are not.

          This verse says:  that if God were to stop being faithful, He would disown who He is.

*  When God says He is faithful, He doesn’t choose to be faithful at times and not faithful at other times.  God is faithful ALL THE TIME.  

*  God is the embodiment of FAITHFULNESS.  He is the personification of FAITHFULNESS.  He IS faithfulness.  It’s not just something He does — It is WHO HE IS.

 *  Just like when children cry out for Momma when they are in need of help, we can cry out to God for His help.  He is listening.

*  None of the statements below will keep God from loving you, showing you mercy and compassion, and extending His FAITHFULNESS to you. 

     — God is mad at me.

     — I haven’t been living right.

     — I’m just not worthy.  

     — I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do, 

     — I haven’t lived like I’m supposed to live, 

     — I haven’t been in church for… how long?  

     — I’ve been doing all this stuff I shouldn’t be doing.

     These statements, even if you believe them, do not change God in any way.

*  No matter how far you think you are from God, He is not far from you.  No matter if you move away from God, He won’t move away from you.

*  God is faithful!  It’s who He is.  Give God a chance.

*  You are first on God’s mind today! 




               May 31, 2019                                                               #girlchurch

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