1. Write out 2 Timothy 2:13:


       2.  The scripture above says that God is faithful even when we are not.  Have you always been faithful to God?  YES / NO

                What does it mean to be UN-faithful? 


       3.  Name three ways that you know you have not always been faithful:

                1. _______________________________________________

                2. _______________________________________________

                3. _______________________________________________

        4.  God does not simply CHOOSE to be faithful — He is FAITHFULNESS itself.  What does this mean?  In your own words, explain how you understand this.



        5.  Even though we know what the Bible says about God’s faithfulness, we sometimes doubt.  Do you believe that God is faithful IN YOU LIFE?  Do you believe God will hear and answer when you cry out to Him?  Why?



        6.  Below are several statements that people often believe about themselves.  Circle the ones you are tempted to believe about yourself.  Why does God remain faithful to you anyway, regardless of how you feel about yourself?

                — God is mad at me.

                — I haven’t been living right.

                — I’m just not worthy.  

                — I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do, 

                — I haven’t lived like I’m supposed to live, 

                — I haven’t been in church for… how long?  

                — I’ve been doing all this stuff I shouldn’t be doing.


       7.  God loves me, and I am first on His mind today!  TRUE / FALSE