Hi, thank you for joining me today.  I’m Debbie Wallace, and this is Girl Church!

Today we’re gonna talk about GOD.  Yeah, God.  We’re gonna talk about a character trait that God possesses that is one reason why He is who He is.  And this trait is FAITHFULNESS.  God is faithful.  

To be faithful means to be TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY.  And that describes God to a “T.”  

Now there are all kinds of reasons to study God’s faithfulness, and there are many facets to God’s faithfulness.  God cannot lie.  God will always forgive us of our sins when we pray and ask.  God is not gonna go back on His Word.  God is going to fulfill every promise that He has ever made.  There are all kinds of reasons to study and learn about God’s faithfulness.  

The one I really want to talk about today is that God has promised to REMAIN FAITHFUL.  I want you to go with me to:

          2 Timothy 2:13 — If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.

Now, I looked up that word “disown.”  In the original text it means to deny, or to prove oneself false.  So the Word is saying here, God is faithful — even when we’re not.  He’s gonna be faithful because He cannot disown Himself.  He can’t deny Himself, He can’t prove Himself false.

You know what, I think when we look at some of the characteristics of God, and the Word says that God is faithful, God is love, and God is any number of wonderful things in ways that we describe God… I think that our minds wrap around it, kinda like He chooses to do that.  Really, I don’t think it’s that.  Really, I think that God is faithful because He is the personification of faithfulness.  It’s not a choice.  And I’m not saying that God can’t act in any way He wants to, but God is saying that He has to be faithful when you’re not because He cannot disown who He is.  So basically, He is faithful.  It’s not something He chooses to do every time you trip up.

God is faithfulness itself.  You can bank on it.  That’s why God is always Truth.  He’s always light.  There’s no darkness in Him because that’s who He is.  It’s the way He is.  Well, that describes God’s faithfulness.  That is eternal, and it’s constant.  God can’t move out of faithfulness because He would be proving that He’s someone that He’s not.  And again, I think we have a hard time wrapping our minds around that from time to time.  But it’s a simple matter of just saying that God says this is who He is.  And when God speaks about something, He never varies from it.  When He says that He’s faithful, it means that He’s faithful ALL THE TIME.

I’d like to appeal to the moms for just a moment.  And if you aren’t a mother, put yourself in the position of being one.  I have three daughters and four grandkids.  And I can tell you now, when my kids were little, when they were babies, anytime they cried out to me, my ears were tuned.  You know what I’m talking about.  My ears were tuned to hear their cry.  Now, moms have this magical ability to tell the difference between a so-so cry and an urgent cry.  And when that kid’s got an urgent cry, and it’s important, that mom’s gonna be there like that (snaps fingers).  She’s gonna be there.  Because she’s gonna go rescue her baby from harm.  

Well God is like that too.  

I was watching a video this week.  It was a real cute little video that someone had posted on one of the social media sites.  There was a little girl, she was just barely big enough to talk, and she was watching a movie.  It was a little animated dinosaur movie of some kind.  This dinosaur had fallen, and he was in some kind of trouble.  And this little girl was terribly upset about it.  She was watching the movie, her eyes were this big, and her little lip was puckered.  She was teared up, and she said, “He’s sad!… He’s sad!”  And then she said, “He wants his momma.”  And the little girl’s mother was actually on the side, and you can hear her talking to the child.  But she had the camera right on the little girl’s face.  And she was telling the little girl, “Oh, he’s getting up, he’s getting up.”  The little girl said, “He wants his momma.”  And then she began to talk to the dinosaur.  And she said, “Say MOMMA!”  And she said it again, “Say MOMMA!”  You know, that spoke…to me.  

That little girl knew who to call out for when she was in trouble.  Momma!  She knew that if she was in trouble that all she had to do was call to Momma, because Momma was faithful to rescue her from harm.  

Well, God is like that with us.  But sometimes we hesitate to call out, Jesus!  Because we think, 

          Well, He’s mad at me.  

Or we think 

          Well, I haven’t been living right.  

And another thing, 

          I’m just not worthy!  

So many times we think, 

          I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do, 

          I haven’t lived like I’m supposed to live, 

          I haven’t been in church for… how long?  

          I’ve been doing all this stuff I shouldn’t be doing.  

But that’s when the Word says you should call out.  Even when we are “faithless” — that’s what the Word says.  You may be faithless, but He’s faithful.  He will hear your cry.  It doesn’t matter how far you think you are from God, He is not far from you.  No matter if you move away from God, He isn’t moving away from you.  

He’s faithful.  It’s who He is.  Give God a chance.  You’re first on His mind today.  

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to seeing you… next time.