#1 — Do you have a MOUNTAIN in your life right now?  If so, describe it.  How long have you been dealing with it?  What have you done to try to move it, or get it to go away?

#2 — Have you found that when times are tough you use your faith more?  How so?

#3 — Have you ever (even secretly) asked any questions like WHY HAS GOD LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME?  or  DID GOD CAUSE THIS?  Write down the questions you’ve had.  (And don’t worry, God is not offended.)

Did asking these questions bring you to any answers?

#4 — It’s tempting to get LIFE and GOD mixed up.  Have you ever done this?  If so, describe it below.

     Can you now see that God was not the perpetrator of your problems?  Describe how you know.

#5 —  Life has it’s own version of ___________________________.

#6 — Does God cause everything that happens in our lives?  YES/NO  

#7 — How can you (personally) “face” your mountain?  

#8 — Write out James 1:2-4:

#9 — Bishop TD Jakes:  “God isn’t trying to change your mountain.  He is using your mountain to change _______.”

#10 — Debbie says you should “stay to the finish.”  What does this look like in your situation?

#11 — How could you “quit” if you wanted to?

#12 — Write below:  I AM FIRST ON GOD’S MIND TODAY!