The God of Another Chance

Personal Worksheet

  1. Write out out LAMENTATIONS 3:21-23.

      2.  When have you needed another chance, or a reboot at life?  What happened?

      3.  Do you need another chance with something in your life right now?  If so, what?  And do you believe you can use your faith for it?

     4. Name one time you failed before you succeeded?  How many times did it take for you to get it right?  Do you feel your failures helped you in the end result?

     5.  Learning from your mistakes is important for an effective life.  When have you learned a valuable lesson from a past mistake?

                    Are you presently (right now) learning from a past mistake?   What is it?  

                    How do you expect to improve from this lesson?

     6.  In reconsidering your past choices, what can you change in your life right now that will help you live a better life?  What can you do differently?

     7.  Have you ever been tempted to blame God for your own mistakes?

     8.  Can you take responsibility for your past mistakes?  How? 

     9.  How can you put your hope in God for your future?  

     10.  Write the following statement:  GOD LOVES ME, AND I AM FIRST ON HIS MIND TODAY.