1.  Debbie says that everyone who has lived has made mistakes and has some regrets.  Everyone has a weakness (at least one.)  Name three things in your own life that qualify as such:






2.  Concerning your answers in Question 1 above, write YES or NO beside each answer:  Does the memory of this bother you?


     Have you ever told anyone about it?


2.  Even spiritually mature people can do some immature things at times.  TRUE / FALSE


3.  Write out JAMES 5:16:




4.  In your own words, describe WHY you think God would want us to “confess our faults” to each other?




5.  Many times people hold onto mistakes and regrets for years.  Are you holding on to some regrets?  Or do you have something on your conscience?  YES / NO


Do you believe you can talk to someone about what’s bothering you?  Can you tell them the truth about it?


If yes, who can you talk to?  _______________________

     (Make sure they are someone you respect, someone who is mature, and will not gossip, someone with         wisdom.)


     *Confessing our faults to “one another” does not mean that we are to tell our private matters to everyone.


6.  When you do confess to someone you trust, how will you RESOLVE that issue?  Can you FORGIVE YOURSELF?



7.  Do you believe that GOD IS FOR YOU?  YES / NO