1. Have you ever struggled with forgiving someone?  When was it?  Describe the situation.

          Were you able to get beyond it and forgive them?  If not, are you ready to do so now?

2.  Write out Matthew 6:14-15.

4.  “Un-forgiveness is like poison to your soul.”  Describe what this means to you, in your own words.

5.  “Forgiveness is not a feeling.”  How can YOU forgive someone while you still feel the pain and the hurt of the offense?  Describe how you will do that.

6.  Can you make the decision to forgive?  How will you do that?

7.  If you forgive them, you are saying that you accept what they did, that they were right.   TRUE / FALSE

8.  “Forgiveness means you will not make them pay for what they did.”  How can you let your offender “off the hook?”

9.  Pray this prayer aloud:  

     “Father God, I choose to be obedient to your Word.  According to Matthew 6:14-15, 

      where You tell us to forgive others, I choose to do that today.  I forgive ______________

      (say their name) for hurting me.  I forgive them for everything they have done to harm or

      offend me.  (You may state what they did here if you want to.)  I choose to forgive 

      him/her, and I declare now that I release this offense to you.  I let it go.  Lord, I’m 

      gonna let You deal with them.  I pray your perfect will over their life.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

10.  Write this below:  I am first on God’s mind today!