1.  Have you had some real injustices in your life?  Name one.


2.  Write out Isaiah 61:7:


3.  What do each of these terms mean? 

     Double portion — ___________________________________________

     Inheritance — _______________________________________________

     Everlasting joy — ____________________________________________


4.  How can you KEEP EXTENDING FORGIVENESS to those who have hurt you?  What do you plan to do?


5.  How can you KEEP RESPONDING IN LOVE to those who have done you an injustice?


6.  Be honest with yourself:  Do you LIKE this person? YES?NO  And how does your feelings influence your         ability to love them?


7.  How can you make sure you KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE SITUATION?  Make a short list of what you will do to make sure you won’t try to take revenge.  


8.  How will you PRAY for the other person.  List three things?  

     1. ___________________  2.  ___________________  3. ___________________


9.  How will you PRAY for yourself in this matter?  List three things:

     1. ___________________  2. ____________________  3. _________________


10.  Do you believe this could be a TEST OF YOUR FAITH?  Why?


11.  Exercising your faith in the hard times is important.  Why is this?  And do you believe you can do it?


11.  Write out the following:  I am first on God’s mind today!