1.  Do you have any serious regrets?  List them here.  Start with your biggest regret at the top.  

2.  What SYMPTOMS of regret do you experience now?  Circle below



          Fruitless meditating on the past                   

          Grieving over the past

          Repetitive talking about it (“If only…”)           

          Negative thought patterns

          Reliving past failures                                         

          Feelings of unworthiness


3.  Do you believe that GOOD PEOPLE can do foolish things at times?  YES / NO

                    Explain your answer:  Why do you believe that?

4.  Do you feel badly because of the things you’ve done (or not done) that you regret?  YES/NO

                    How would you do it differently?  (Refer to your answers to Question #1.)

5.  Write out Acts 3:19-20 in the space below:

6.  Do you believe God can “blot out” your sins, mistakes, and failures?  Can He FORGIVE YOU?  YES / NO

                    Do you believe that the scripture above means that God can RELEASE you from your past?  How?

7.  Debbie says we must apply God’s Word to our lives if we are to live in emotional freedom.  Can you apply       Acts 3:19-20 to your life?…  

          Beside each FAITH ACTION listed below, explain HOW YOU CAN follow through withobedience to                Acts 3:19-   20.  Answer the questions that will help you decide what actions to take.

                       — Repent.  

                                         Receive God’s forgiveness.  Give God your burden. 

                       __ Turn back.  (Change your ways.)

                                         What should I do now?

                       __ Receive “times of refreshing” from the Lord.  

                                         How can I begin to create a new past today?

                       — Be thankful.

                                         Make a list of things you have done right.

8.  Remember:  GOD IS FOR YOU!