Count Me In!

Personal Worksheet

#1 — Do you think you are a good team player?  YES/NO

           Write a list of all the groups you belong to now that might be considered a team.  


#2 — Are you sure you know what it means to be a good team player?  YES/NO  

          Write your own definition of what a good team player is?


#3 — Who taught you to be a team player?  And when was it?


#4 — Write out 1 Corinthians 12:14:  So the body is not made up of one part.  It has many parts.


#5 — If the body of Christ has many parts, why are they all important?


#6 — What abilities (talents, gifts, skills, personality, etc) do you have to offer that you think might benefit a team?


#7 — Debbie says you do not need to be isolated and alone.  She says that being a part of a team (something that is greater than you) is an antidote to depression, anxiety and loneliness.  Explain how this might be true in your life:


#8 — How can being a part of a local church benefit you?  


          How can it benefit them if you are a part of their team?


#8 — Copy the following below:  God loves me!  I am important to Him!