What is The Freedom Class?

Over eighty percent of all people secretly struggle with pain from their past.  If you’ve been dragging around some baggage since you were a kid — especially in the form of low self-worth — take a closer look.  The Freedom Class may be your next bold move.

Common Q&A about The Freedom Class

Who is a good candidate for The Freedom Class?  How long does it take?  Do I have to be a member of a certain denominational church to participate?  How do I know it will work for me?  All these questions and more are addressed in the video below.  Keep going!

How do I begin The Freedom Class?

How to begin?  We’ve got all the answers you need!  Just click on the link below to watch the video, THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.  And prepare to see your life change!

The Best Experience Ever

Girl Church/The Freedom Class